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Ashton Kutcher Slept With Sara Leal After Danny Masterson’s Bachelor Party

Erin Carlson
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So Danny Masterson married Bijou Phillips in an Irish castle on Tuesday. (EVERYONE'S DREAM FAIRYTALE WEDDING, ETC.) Not among the guests: Ashton Kutcher, one of Masterson's best friends (they go back to "That 70s Show") and ringleader of his swingin' bachelor party in San Diego.

Oh, that.

Masterson's Sept. 23 throwdown has become sort of famous: it's where Kutcher met Sara Leal, the 22-year-old one-night stand who sold the story to Us Weekly last week.

Kutcher, no doubt preoccupied by matters professional ("Two and a Half Men," tweeting about "Two and a Half Men") and personal (marital strife, tawdry headlines), might wish he would have skipped the bachelor party instead of the wedding.

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