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‘Twilight’ Vamp Ashley Greene Goes ’60s Retro for ‘Pan Am’ Cameo

Erin Carlson
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Last night, The Famous finally got in line to see "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" -- well, at least 75 percent of it when we were not looking away, completely grossed out. (It wasn't the love scenes. It was the blood. We hate blood.) One of the best parts of this box office-squashing cinematic experience was Ashley "Where's the Camera" Greene as fashionista vamp Alice, who's the least dreary character in the emotionally wrought saga. For Bella and Edward's wedding, she wore the most amazing -- SPOILER ALERT -- lavender flapper-inspired dress. Also: her Michelle Williams pixie haircut was to die. No, we're not being sarcastic.

It just so happens that Greene, who's equally fashionable offscreen, was photographed heading to work on the '60-set TV show "Pan Am," sporting a Joan-from-"Mad Men" period ensemble. We're digging the black blouse, ruched gray skirt, white pearls and retro gloves -- but the hair looks much too "Bride of Frankenstein." The script screams: "I am a serious actress who studies her lines instead of having them fed to her."

Certainly the ABC series, which is on the chopping block, is hoping Greene will infuse some much-needed star wattage (and eyeballs) during her one-off cameo. Hence the "candid" photos of the "Twilight" star vamping around her trailer.

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