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Anne Hathaway Spotted Protesting At Occupy Wall Street

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Anne Hathaway/Twitter

Is that .. Catwoman? An undercover Anne Hathaway was spotted protesting in solidarity with Occupy Wall street on Thursday afternoon. The actress -- totally recognizable despite sporting a black hooded jacket and sunglasses -- carried a homemade sign to protest college students' financial troubles, reports E! News, which posted the Twitpic from starstruck fellow protester Elana Levin.

"It was a rally of about 2,000, mostly college students, protesting against school budget cuts and in support of free college for all, and for NYU adjuncts who still don't have a union contract," Levin tells E! in an interview. "It was part of Occupy Wall Street Day of Action where lots of rallies happened around the whole city."

Sidenote: isn't Hathaway in the 1 percent? We suppose the one-percenters should be allowed to protest, too, even though they aren't in the "99."

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