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Analyzing Kristin Cavallari’s Pre-Wedding Portrait

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K-Cav in blissful repose. - Life & Style

Before Jay Cutler unceremoniously dumped Kristin Cavallari -- ending their engagement and leaving her blindsided -- the jilted "Laguna Beach" star posed in bridal gowns for Life & Style magazine photoshoot.

(Sidenote: Life & Style is on a roll of late, scoring scandalous and entertainingly bizarre shoots with Lindsay Lohan, Real Housewife Kim Zolciak and a naked-and-pregnant Mariah Carey.)

Two days before Cutler called off the wedding, the tabloid photographed Cavallari trying on an assortment of dresses at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. That happened on Thursday, July 21; by Saturday the 23rd, the Chicago Bear ended things with his bride-to-be after forcing her to choose between her L.A.-based entertainment career and moving permanently to the Windy City. She chose the former. "Jay's family was pushing Kristin to get pregnant immediately," says a source. "Kristin knows she's too young for kids right now." Naturally, "She is devastated."

And now we analyze Cavallari's finest L&S portrait, shown in this post: the neutral backdrop whispers, "California Glamour"; the location, a sophisticated hotel room, conveys "Wedding Night." The image signifies a convergence of all that Cavallari, a Hollywood socialite and serial monogamist, holds dear: her native city, The City of Angels, and ... getting married to a really famous guy. The 24-year-old reality TV "personality" further embodies the sun-kissed SoCal lifestyle with a golden spray tan, beachy blonde hair, frosty lip gloss and boob-y strapless gown. Her dewy Bambi eyes belie a steely intensity. They say: "Move over, Kim Kardashian." Cavallari is, after all, a Queen Bee at her core, and no bitch -- especially LC -- is going to step on her manicured toes.

Perhaps Cutler cut her loose for good reason: she was never moving to Chicago.

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