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‘Buckwild’ star Shain Gandee’s chilling last words

Soraya Roberts
The Juice

Shain Gandee's last words have proven to be ominous in the wake of his recent death.

On Monday news broke that the 21-year-old star of "Buckwild," the MTV series about a bunch of friends from West Virginia, had been found dead in his hometown of Sissonville, along with two other people, Gandee's uncle, David, and a 27-year-old local named Donald Robert Myers.

TMZ reported the cause of death may have been carbon monoxide poisoning caused by Shain's Ford Bronco being deeply submerged in mud. And considering the context of his passing, his last public words have an ominous ring to them.

According to his MTV bio, Shain was once his high school prom king and loved "mudding, hunting and four-wheeling." And on Saturday, he made reference to "mudding" (racing vehicles- usually trucks - in deep mud) in one of his last interviews. At the time, Shain was in Crown City, Ohio, celebrating the opening of Gandee’s General Store, where he spoke to West Virginia's Marshall University student paper The Parthenon.

As the second season of his show had already started filming (production has reportedly since been shut down), Shain's last words had him addressing what his fans could expect from him in the future.

“There’ll be more mudding...Hopefully I’ll only go through one truck. It‘s hard to tell though; maybe like four or five.”

If that isn't chilling enough, one of Shain's last tweets, which was posted on March 28, said, “Tomorrow is never promised."

At the very least, Shane appeared to be enjoying himself on his last weekend. On Saturday night, his final tweet (aside from a follow message and one plugging his show) read, "Saturday night!!! Lets get drunk people!!!"

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