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Randy Travis In Ugly Lawsuit Battle With Ex-Wife

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Divorce is rarely a pleasant experience, but it appears that in the case of Randy Travis and ex-wife/former manager Elizabeth, it's truly becoming a nightmare. The former spouses (who divorced in 2010) are now at legal war, having both fired lawsuits against each other in the past few weeks.

Randy's suit is the latest--according to a report broken by TMZ, just a few days ago the country legend filed a complaint that Elizabeth deliberately attempted to sabotage his career by spreading personal details about him around town. (No exact specifics about the nature of these "details" are available, but I'm guessing they're not positive.)

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The Travises, pre-divorce

The report also claims that Elizabeth inflated expense reports, and that Randy is seeking to stop her from receiving further compensation from his future projects.

Elizabeth filed her own complaint back in April, alleging breach of the pair's post-divorce management contract. According to her, Randy "intentionally interfered with" the ability to do her job and undermined the "effectiveness of (his) career in the entertainment industry." She also claims that when Randy fired her in 2011, he violated their contract without written notice--and she wants her full management fee paid up.

Yikes. Doesn't sound too nice, eh? There's no ruling yet on the case.

Randy and Elizabeth Travis were married for 20 years and professionally aligned for 30. Randy Travis has been having a bit of a rough year in general--in January, he was arrested for public intoxication when police found him drunk in his car after an alleged fight with a girlfriend.

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