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Who’s returning for the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie?

Anne T. Donahue
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Several "Veronica Mars" cast members have been confirmed for the movie.

The cast of the "Veronica Mars" movie is growing by the day. Now, in addition to the announcement that Daran Norris (who plays Cliff McCormack), Amanda Noret (who plays Madison Sinclair), and Sam Huntington (who plays Luke Halderman) will be returning for the film, Norris has released a video with a few "spoilers" that might rock your world.

First, he says that the film will be set 40 years in the future. And all right, he's lying to all of us. But if cast members are already getting this invested in the comeback, you can bank on "Veronica Mars" (the movie) reflecting the enthusiasm of everyone involved. Considering fans were willing to pitch in their own money to get it made, it's understandable that the stars of the film are getting this creative and invested. How could they not? The Kickstarter success confirmed how much the stars of "Veronica Mars" are wanted, and what their audience is willing to do.

So who's coming back? Well, here's who's confirmed so far:

  • Kristen Bell (who played Veronica Mars, obviously)
  • Jason Dohring (who played Logan Echells)
  • Chris Lowell (who played Stosh "Piz" Piznarski)
  • Percy Daggs III (who played Wallace Fennel)
  • Francis Capra (who played Eli "Weevil" Navarro)
  • Christine Lakin (who played Susan Knight)
  • Enrico Colanti (who played Keith Mars)
  • Daran Harris (who played Cliff McCormack)
  • Amanda Noret (who played Madison Sinclair)
  • Sam Huntington (who played Luke Halderman)
  • Tina Majorino (who played Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie)

However, "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas confirmed at the ATX Festival in Austin, Texas that we can look forward to even more cast additions that will be announced next week.

"We have a bunch of cast deals done," he said. "But we're trying to parse them out now that we have them. They've all come together in the last week, but we want to give everyone their own moment, so you will be getting a lot of notices over the next nine to 10 days about cast members."

So here's hoping those notices include the following actors and characters, whose IMDB statuses are still listed as "rumoured."

  • Ryan Hansen (who played Dick Casablancas -- you can't have a "Veronica Mars" movie without Dick Casablancas! This announcement is most likely imminent)
  • Teddy Dunn (who played Duncan Kane -- come on, Donut!)
  • Michael Muhney (who played Sheriff Don Lamb -- sure, his character died, but maybe he can be included in flashbacks!)
  • Brandon Hillock (who played Deputy Sacks)
  • Julie Gonzalo (who played Parker Lee)
  • Max Greenfield (who played Deputy Leo -- if Deputy Leo does not return, there will be hell to pay, my friends)
  • Amanda Seyfriend (who played Lilly Kane -- OK, maybe she's too big of a star now to show up, but surely she can Skype into a flashback or something)

Who do you want to see return back for the "Veronica Mars" movie? Which stars do you think we missed?

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