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Jonathan Banks is heading to “Community” — where else should he go?

Anne T. Donahue
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Mike Ehrmantraut lives! Well, sort of. Jonathan Banks (who played Mike Ehrmantraut on "Breaking Bad") is reportedly heading to "Community," where he'll play Annie's (Alison Brie) super-intense criminology teacher.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Banks will be joining the Greendale staff as Pat Nichols, a faculty member with "a mysterious background in military and police work." He'll be making his first appearance in the second episode of season 5, when Annie enrolls in the class. All we can hope is that he lasts longer than Ehrmantraut, and also that he is secretly Ehrmantraut. (Dun, dun, dun.)

Fans of laughter will know that this marks Banks's second NBC comedy appearance, having played Ben's (Adam Scott) dad in a "Parks and Recreation" episode last season. However, we're assuming this is just the beginning; that after years of playing serious, gritty, heart-wrenching characters, Banks is ready to tour the TV comedy circuit. And if he is? We have some suggestions. Let's do this (and networks, if you take these, I want credit).

Priding himself on "telling it like it is," Jonathan Banks plays Hannah Horvath's new therapist, and ends up confronting Adam (Adam Driver) and telling him to "shape up or ship out."

"The Mindy Project"
Danny's (Chris Messina) dad shows up unannounced and insists on learning the ins and outs of a ob-gyn's office. Naturally, he and Mindy bond immediately by ganging up on Danny.

"Modern Family"
Jay (Ed O'Neill) crosses path with his old high school nemesis (Banks), who turns out to be Hayley's (Sarah Hyland) boyfriend's grandfather. He earns a recurring role by injecting common sense into many plot lines.

"New Girl"
Jess's (Zooey Deschanel) tough-talking new boss (Banks) surprises everyone with his extensive knowledge of crafts, ribbons and glitter. "You never asked!" he hurtfully declares. He and Jess make a friendship poster.

Louis C.K. and Jonathan Banks spend 30 minutes competing to see whose lives have been harder. Convinced Banks doesn't like him, Louis shows up to the "Breaking Bad" set to make things right. Unfortunately, the series is over, and Louis realizes he really is a terrible friend.

"Two and a Half Men"
Jonathan Banks shows up as himself to ask how this show is continuing despite losing two cast members. Only then do the cast members realize they have been free to go this whole time.

"Community" season 5 debuts sometime in the 2013-2014 season (dates TBA).

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