Sharon Stone Accused of Harassment by Former Nanny

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According to Sharon Stone's former nanny, looking after her three sons was a lot less stressful than dealing with the boys' famous mother. Erlinda T. Elemen filed a nine-page lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday claiming that the "Basic Instinct" star harassed her continually during her five years on the job, especially about her "stupid" Filipino accent, and says that Stone ordered her to not speak in front of the children — Roan, 12, Laird, 7, and 6-year-old Quinn — so that they would "not talk like you." The suit also reveals that Stone, Tibetan Buddhism convert, would not allow Elemen to read her Bible while in the actress' home, and alleges that the 53-year-old actress finally fired her in February 2011 once she discovered that Elemen had been paid overtime, which she deemed as "stealing" from her, even though it was in accordance with state law.

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Elemen's attorney, Solomon Gresen, said in the suit that although the nanny — who was promoted to lead caregiver after two years with the Stone family and was also living in their home — had "wonderful memories of the children," she was unable to deal with Stone's "increasingly hostile and abusive behavior." He added, "By her conduct, the actress made Elemen feel as if her ethnicity was offensive and would somehow adversely effect [sic] her children's upbringing. My client felt she was powerless to stop the behavior."

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Stone's publicist is fighting back, dismissing Elemen as just a disgruntled former employee who only wants money now, 15 months later, after she failed to secure disability and worker's compensation payments. "Now, she is obviously looking for another opportunity to cash in," Paul Bloch wrote in a statement. "This is a frivolous lawsuit for absurd claims that are made-up and fabricated. Sharon Stone will be completely vindicated in court."

Elemen is seeking unspecified damages on harassment, wrongful termination, and retaliation claims.

Stone is well-known for being eccentric, outspoken, and oftentimes misguided. In 2005, she tried to solicit pledges to raise $1 million to get mosquito nets to the impoverished Tanzania, but was criticized by UNICEF for not doing the proper research. In the end, only $250,000 was raised, so UNICEF had to cough up the remaining $750,000 — and then the mosquito nets turned up on the black market, and were transformed into wedding dresses. After the 2008 earthquake in China, Stone insinuated the devastation was "karma" for the country's treatment of Tibetans and the Dalai Lama.

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