Roy Horn Accused of Sexual Assault by 3 Male Physical Therapists

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Horn and one his cubs. (Denise Truscello/WireImage)

Just because Roy Horn's left side is paralyzed, it doesn't mean his right side can't get him into trouble. The Siegfried and Roy entertainer, who was nearly mauled to death by a tiger mid-show in 2003, is being accused of grabbing the buttocks and crotches of three male physical therapists hired to help him regain his strength in 2010 — and it's all caught on tape. The plaintiffs — who are suing Horn since they cannot press charges due to a one-year statute of limitations — have provided video proof of their abuse to TMZ, but the site will not post the footage due to its graphic nature.

TMZ claims the videos show the the 67-year-old Vegas legend at different times grab, fondle, and thrust himself at therapists, forcibly kiss another, and finally, whip another with an oxygen tube out of frustration. The three accusers all say they are heterosexual.

Not long after TMZ posted its story, Horn's legal team contacted one of his accusers, who is behind the tapes, to demand he turn them over — or else. According to a cease and desist letter, the caretaker signed a confidentiality agreement prior to his employment with the German-born entertainer, which explicitly prohibits any kind of covert video recording, or the sharing of any recordings with the media.

During a show at Vegas hotel The Mirage on October 3, 2003, Horn's birthday, a white tiger named Montecore suddenly attacked him unprovoked and bit his neck. For weeks after, Horn remained in critical condition after suffering a stroke, which led to his paralysis. One-quarter of his skull was later removed to relieve pressure on his swelling brain. According to Siegfried Fischbacher, Horn tripped over the cat's paw during their show and fell. Montecore, who they raised since she was a cub, was only trying to drag him to safety offstage, says Fischbacher, just as she would carry one of her own cubs by the neck.

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