Patrick Dempsey Saves Teen After Car Crash

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Dempsey to the rescue. (SWAP / Splash News)

Ryan Gosling isn't the only Hollywood actor who saves lives. Patrick Dempsey came to the rescue of a teenage boy who had crashed his car on the "Grey's Anatomy" star's Malibu property — proving he doesn't just play a doctor on TV. Weston Massett, 17, was trapped inside his Ford Mustang after flipping it three times last Tuesday when Dempsey ran to his aid, carrying both a crowbar and fire extinguisher. "I said, 'Are you famous?' And he said, 'Yeah, I'm a doctor,'" Massett, who suffered a concussion and an eye wound in the crash, told "Good Morning America" on Monday. "I had faith in him that he was going to save me."

The actor, who plays Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd on the ABC medical drama, then pried open the driver's side door and freed Massett before calling 911. According to "GMA," Dempsey didn't leave the teen's side until he was eventually airlifted to the hospital. He also called Massett's mother to tell her what had happened to her son, and assured her that he would be ok. "He had a certain authority to his voice," she also told "GMA," "so I asked if he was a paramedic. He said, 'No, this is Patrick Dempsey,' and I thought McDreamy?!"

Dempsey's heroics come just weeks after Gosling grabbed headlines for coming to the rescue of a British woman who stepped in the way of a speeding taxi in New York City. In August, the "Drive" actor also intervened when two men were fighting in the middle of a busy Manhattan intersection over a stolen painting, the video of which quickly went viral.

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