Kate Gosselin Responds to Slam by ‘DWTS’ Pro Partner

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Gosselin and Dovolani on DWTS. (James Devaney/WireImage)

Kate Gosselin has been on the warpath lately. The reality mom-of-eight has been battling anyone and everyone who has had something negative to say about her on her Twitter page, including her ex-husband Jon Gosselin and even some of her 85,000 followers. Her latest victim? Tony Dovolani, who was paired up with Gosselin for the 10th season of "Dancing with the Stars" in 2010. On Friday, the dance pro revealed on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show that after working with the notoriously hot-tempered Gosselin, he needed "a lot of therapy." On Monday, the former "Kate Plus 8" star ripped Dovolani — and Cooper — in a bitter blog post.

"Surprise, surprise!" Gosselin, 37, began on — a site where she is supposed to dole out coupon advice, not complain about her negative press. "Tony Dovolani was recently interviewed by Anderson Cooper following his short run — first week elimination — on this season's Dancing With The Stars, and with it came a lengthy discussion about … Me!" After she gives herself a pat on the back and mocks Dovolani for his quick exit from the ABC show, she goes on: "First, I think it is a shame that Tony has been left only with a negative impression of our time together, especially after we spent SO many hours, days, nights and weeks working hard together doing our best in the competition. Let's face it — he didn't have a lot to work with as far as my dancing abilities were concerned. I've admitted and laughed about this many times over the last two years! Where I've been given credit for trying, the world saw my efforts and the majority agree that he had a tough job making a dancer out of a girl who had never taken one single dance step in her life."

Gosselin then goes after Cooper, who brought up the reality mom in the first place by telling Dovolani he always felt bad for him because he "got stuck" with Gosselin as a partner. "To Anderson Cooper I'd like to say this: I'd love the opportunity to be a front row spectator for your first dance as a competitor on the next season of Dancing With The Stars. C'mon , you know you're hoping for a spot!" writes Gosselin — as if the esteemed CNN journalist would actually want to be on the show. "I can only imagine how your view of the subject may change 180 degrees, not 360 degrees, if you are given the opportunity to cha cha cha! Hey, Anderson, if it does happen for you, what do you say I give you some dancing pointers over pizza sometime? I think there's one piece left….talk about Ridiculist!" Gosselin concludes, referencing Cooper's CNN segment.

And if Gosselin thought her readers on Coupon Cabin would support her perplexing outburst, she was wrong. With the exception of a few "way to go" comments, the majority reprimanded the former reality star for having her own agenda. "Ok...if MY job was to post blogs that helped people save money and I showed MY boss this self-serving pile of crap, I'd be re-writing my post and/or finding a new job," wrote MamaD. Added another named BargainMom01, "Coupon Cabin. I'm ashamed for you. Really ashamed. This could have been so much better, especially in this climate where so many people are struggling. Why bother giving Kate a forum to spew her attitude?"

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