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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris: together again!

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Craig Barritt/WireImage

Craig Barritt/WireImage

One thing Hugh Hefner has mastered during his 86 years? The act of forgiveness. After a nasty split with Crystal Harris last summer — days before they were supposed to marry — not only has the Playboy founder made peace with his runaway bride, but he's taken her back!

"Getting back together with Crystal Harris shouldn't be a big surprise, since I have a history of remaining close to former girlfriends," Hefner tweeted on Thursday night, confirming rumors that Harris is back at the Playboy Mansion. Harris was equally as excited to share the news on Twitter, writing: "Happy to be back home at the Playboy Mansion with @hughhefner and our puppy Charlie. I missed all the love and laughs." She also wrote: "Home is where the heart is."

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There are reports that Hefner's current No. 1 girlfriend Shera Berchard moved out of the mansion when Harris returned, but the octogenarian denied it. "Shera is in Canada visiting her family, which is unrelated to Crystal being here. Shera & my other Mansion girlfriends welcomed Crystal here at dinner on Tuesday night, before playing games together."

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Last June, the cake was ordered, Harris' dress was ready, and all the couple needed to do was walk down the aisle. But days before the wedding, Harris called it off. "Crystal has had a change of heart," Hefner posted on Twitter at the time. Things soon took a nasty turn when Harris badmouthed her ex, telling Howard Stern that sex with Hefner lasted "like two seconds" and "I'm not turned on by Hef, sorry." Hefner had put Harris on the July issue of Playboy, which had gone to press, so before the copies were mailed out, he had a "runaway bride" sticker slapped across her photo on the cover.

Although Hefner and Harris are apparently giving it another ago, it's doubtful they'll ever walk down the aisle. Earlier this year Hefner, who has been married twice, swore off the blessed union. "I am clearly not meant to be married," he said. "Married life isn't for me."

Do you think Hef should have taken Harris back?

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