Chris Brown Fans Send Death Threats to Model Chrissy Teigen

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Chris Brown fans have a temper as fiery as their idol. After model Chrissy Teigen, fiancée of musician John Legend, tweeted her dismay that the "Turn Up the Music" singer was lip-synching during his Billboard Music Awards performance, droves of members of "Team Breezy" inundated the model with hate messages, even death threats. "You need to be raped and murdered," one fan tweeted to Teigen, while another added, "i hope you are the next 'celebrity' to die." Some even suggested she should kill herself because "your [sic] nothing."

What did Teigen, 26, say to bring on such hate? "Why sing when you can dance?" — which didn't even mention Brown specifically. Still, his fans must have been sensitive since Brown, who is very auto-tuned on his albums, was the only person on the stage that night who clearly lip-synched his performance. And the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model wasn't the only one who tweeted about Brown's lack of vocal ability. Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, also weighed in while he was onstage. "One day if i lipsync, i hope i do it as well as him," wrote the "Raise Your Glass" singer.

Teigen, known for her smart humor on Twitter, took the high road in the matter. "Reallllly makes me sad that 99% of the most disturbing comments come from young girls," she tweeted. "I'll end it there but it makes me sad." She also added that she had taken screengrabs of the hate messages, including the offender's Twitter handles, "And I will do everything I can to make sure people know, internet or not, you CAN'T say this s--t."

So what was Brown's response to all this? Pretty much what you'd expect from the guy who beat up Rihanna and threw a chair through a window at "Good Morning America." Although he told his fans to stop sending death threats, even though "I know y'all bout that life," the 23-year-old warned that their actions are only "turning haters into victims" — implying that Teigen brought on their wrath — "And that only furthers their pointless existence!"

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