Charlie Sheen Whips Up Some ‘Winning’ Recipes

The Charlie Sheen crazy train doesn't seem to be in danger of stopping any time soon! On the day that Sheen announced he was suing Warner Bros. and "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre for $100 million, the actor posted a new video on entitled "Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes."

Sporting a tiger-print chef's hat, Sheen hosts a cooking show at his home, Sober Valley Lodge, where he spouts a succession of the one-liners he's become famous for, while whipping up a meal fit for a ... well, you'll just have to see it for yourself.

"Here I come Food Network," Charlie says in the skit, where he refers to a spatula as "a cooking wand for a warlock" and a glass bowl as a "cauldron of awesomeness." As he proceeds to "cook" a meal, Sheen jokes that he grows his own veggies because his "finger tips radiate sunshine," that he waters his garden with "tears of a jaguar," and that he can cook steak with lasers shooting out of his eyes.

"Face it, I'm living the life of a rock star Vatican assassin and if you eat like me, you can be like me," says Sheen, all the while chain smoking more than a 1940s movie star.

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Turns out Charlie had a little help from his friends when it came to making the slick video -- the script was written by former "Saturday Night Live" writer and producer Adam McKay, who runs with Chris Henchy and Mike Farah. "The skit was produced as a way to remind people he knows what everyone is thinking and he's in on it too," a production source told


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