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Corey Haim fans unsuccessfully campaign for Canada’s Walk of Fame star

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Despite his fans' pleas, Corey Haim has not been added to Canada's Walk of Fame this year.

The "Give Corey a Star" campaign pushed to have the late "Lost Boys" star recognized by his home country by having him included on the Walk of Fame. Unfortunately, as the 2013 inductees were announced on Tuesday, it became clear the campaign was unsuccessful.

"I really wanted to give justice to the person that [Haim] was, and how he really respected the art of film," campaign founder Jennifer Shirley told the Canadian Press.

Following the actor's death at the age of 38 in March 2010, the campaign was originally launched to secure him a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But when the organization told Shirley she had to wait five years to nominate someone posthumously, she focused instead on Canada, which inducts one Canadian posthumously each year.

"It would be a huge honour for him to be on that," Shirley told the Canadian Press. "He loved and cherished those days when he was a teen idol. It was so much more than a job to him -- he lived for acting. 'The Lost Boys,' the fandom: that was his place."

But despite Canada's Walk of Fame having two posthumous inductees this year, Haim was not one of them. The honour went instead to cancer activist Terry Fox and pianist Oscar Peterson. "We decided to have two this year because we wanted to have a special recognition of Terry Fox as part of our 15-year anniversary," said chair Dan McGrath.

Shirley expressed her surprise on Facebook at Haim's absence. "Corey's not in there!!!! Snubbed again," she wrote. "I am sad. Maybe next year, kid."

But all is not lost. Canadian comedian Phil Hartman, who passed away in 1998, got a star on Canada's Walk of Fame last year thanks to his brother rallying for the honour for three years. And Haim's sister, Cari, has not lost hope.

"Personally, I'd love to see his star on the Canadian Walk. My brother was a true hockey-playing, skating-in-the-backyard Canadian kid. It would be awesome," she told the Canadian Press. "If not this year, then I hope he'll be on the ballot in coming years."

This year's Canada's Walk of Fame Awards will take place Sept. 21 at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto.

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