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Canadian hockey fans take on #Rihannaing

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Canadians have been donning hockey jerseys since the dawn of time, or so it feels. At large arenas, in pickup street hockey games, at sports bars, or in front of the TV at home, the jersey is practically part of our national identity. But leave it up to Rihanna to show us that we’ve been wearing them all wrong.

Rihanna hit the town on Sunday night at Greystone Manor in Hollywood, sporting a vintage Ottawa Senators hockey jersey – and only a vintage Ottawa Senators hockey jersey. Paired with gold Tom Ford heels and bright red toes and lips, she paraded and posed in the jersey/dress for photographers and on her Instagram feed. It was an outfit that you would never catch at the Scotiabank Place, and one that only the 25-year-old “Diamonds” singer could pull off …or so we thought.

Sens fans were so impressed by Rihanna’s fashion statement that they adopted the look for themselves and tweeted their photos under the hashtag #Rihannaing.

Some were pretty straightforward, some got more creative, and some applied the technique to other hockey teams.

But the biggest #rihannaing fans even got their furry friends involved:

Though there were a few cute surprises here and there, Sportsnet magazine writer Shannon Proudfoot summed it up best with her tweet:

#Rihannaing has been called “a very weird trend” adopted by Sens fans in the hopes of pulling the NHL team out of their losing slump. Unfortunately, it didn’t work -- the Sens lost their fifth game in a row to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday night. Maybe it’ll work again Thursday, when the Senators take on the Philadelphia Flyers.

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