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Bryan Cranston takes a selfie with Walter White in Vancouver

We may not know exactly where Walter White is headed, but we know exactly where Bryan Cranston has ended up.

The 57-year-old "Breaking Bad" star is in Vancouver ahead of the Aug. 11 premiere of his AMC show. On Wednesday, Cranston tweeted a photo of himself with... well, with himself, in the B.C. city.

"Did a double-take on this guy this morning on the streets of Vancouver. Tried to get him to tell me the ending of BB," Cranston tweeted, along with a picture of himself wearing a CBC hat, and standing next to local graffiti of Cranston's "Breaking Bad" character Walter White.

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The work (which you can buy for $30) is by local artist Troy Steen, pen name "wrkless." Steen's Facebook page explains, "I like to take pixels and pigment and vinyl to create something that has never existed before." He has various pieces of Walter White but also of characters from other series like "The Walking Dead" and films like "Star Wars," not to mention various video game stars.

Steen posted Cranston's image from Twitter on Instagram this morning with the caption, "Wrkless caught by Heisenberg."

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The actor is in Van City working on his next gig, the second re-make of "Godzilla." Principal photography began on March 18 and, according to the Vancouver Sun, the actor arrived in town, alongside co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, in early March.

No word on when or where Cranston got the CBC hat, though he did appear on the network's show " George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight" in September 2011. He reunited with the talk show host a year later for the live-read of "American Beauty" at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

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