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When Will Ciara Get Married? the Pregnant Singer Just Dished Tons of Wedding Planning Details!

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by Terri Pous

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

When it comes to tying the knot, stars love doing things their own way. But given the considerable number of celebrities who are pregnant and engaged right now--including Ginnifer Goodwin and Olivia Wilde--this might be the latest trend among A-listers.

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New to that group is singer Ciara, who just announced her pregnancy, three months after getting engaged to rapper Future!

Though we can only speculate whether Wilde and Goodwin will tie the knot before welcoming a baby, Ciara has already decided on her timing.

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During an interview with People at a pre-Grammy press day on Tuesday, she explained that though she has already begun planning certain details, she probably won't pick a wedding date until after their child is born this spring.

She also said that Future has a big role in the wedding-planning process. "We're definitely working on things every day," she said. "I'm going to do things in advance. Luckily, I have time still to work on everything. I feel like it's going to work itself out though, because at least me and my fiancé are talking over things."

She predicted she'd be a Bridezilla, but it sounds to us like Ciara is being pretty laid-back about her big day. Maybe pregnancy has shifted her focus, or maybe Future's input is helping. Either way, we love a calm bride-to-be and an involved fiancé; there's no better way to ensure a successful wedding!

Ciara also shed a teensy bit of light onto her dream wedding dress. "I'm starting to get there. I want elegant and classic to be the theme," she said. "I don't know exactly what it is yet, but I do want it to be a little vintage-y, like something my mom would have worn, with a modern twist. I have an idea of the feeling I would love. I want to go a little throwback."

We're sold. Whatever she chooses will have to go with her blinding, 15-carat diamond engagement ring. Or vice-versa. Here's hoping she'll continue to be forthcoming with all of her sure-to-be fabulous wedding plans!

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