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Jason's newest album, Future History , was released on Tuesday. - Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Pop singer Jason Derulo's sophomore album FutureHistory is hitting shelves this week, but his fans seem to be more concerned with photos from his birthday bash on Sunday, where he was spotted popping a pose with "American Idol" alum Jordin Sparks in LosAngeles.

So, is Jordin Jason's "It Girl"? Well, it depends on who you talk to. The two were spotted having a romantic dinner over the weekend and media reports have surfaced that they're indeed dating, but Derulo is sticking with his story. "We're just friends," he insists to omg!. "But she's an absolute sweetheart." (Several media organizations reported that Jason's rep confirmed the two singers were dating, but a rep for him later told omg! they are "friends.")

In fact, the Miami-born hit maker says it's his ongoing search for a lucky lady that inspired him to write "It Girl," the chart-soaring second single from his latest collection. "I haven't found that special somebody. I would love to have somebody who made me feel that way," he explains. "[In that song], I put myself in the position of having that special somebody -- waking up in the morning, and everything is all good because she is next to me."

The "Whatcha Say" says singer probably won't be riding solo for long. He reveals that the tracks on his new album are a true representation of where he's at in life. "It's like an open book, journal,diary-esque. [Tracks are] either based on my experiences or my desires."

It's hard to believe that the breakout singer is still starstruck by his breakout success, but he admits to still feeling like he's having an "out-of-body experience" when it comes to his skyrocketing career. "I just step back from the whole situation, and just say 'Wow,this is incredible.'"

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Though Jason was spotted at dinner with "American Idol" alum Jordin Sparks this week , he says the two are "just …

And Derulo has big plans for his songs. "I would love my music and my legacy to continue to live on in the future, and have my music be in the history books," he explains.

Not coincidentally, it's his love for history that actually spawned his signature musical reinventions. "You get into the studio and it just becomes a collaboration instantly. You take that vibe and see what comes out of it," according to Derulo.

To create this latest album, the pop star played with classics like the 1982 Billboard chart topper "Africa" by Toto, andHarry Belafonte's smash hit from way back in 1956, "Day-O" (also known as the "Banana Boat Song.") "It is pretty simple. It just comes down to me being a fan of a part of history. Those records are ... some of the greatest records of all time."

Collaboration definitely isn't a new concept for the 2011 "BMI Songwriter of the Year," and in the future he'd love to work with some of his big-name idols -- Madonna and Prince, to name a few. It's a desire he likens to post-puppy love.

"It is kind of like that crush you had in high school. When you see that girl in college, she may not be as hot to you anymore, but just the fact that you wanted her at one point, is really appealing to you," he laughs. "I mean, [Madonna and Prince] are still as hot as they were back then, but ... they are people that I watched growing up, and people that I looked up to growing up. It would just be amazing, to getin the studio and pick their brains."

Despite his pop roots, Derulo says he'd experiment with other musical genres and wouldn't mind working with country cutie Taylor Swift. "I would love [working with her]. I love country music and I love Taylor Swift. Absolutely, 100 percent!"

But before this Miami boy hits Nashville, he hopes to puttogether an album of jazz standards. Again, it all goes back to his love affair the past. "[I want to do] songs that were part of history, like classics.You know, the way Frank Sinatra did. He would have a whole album of just standards. I would put 'Georgia On My Mind' on there, 'Summertime,' and I would love to do 'Jailhouse Rock,'" he reveals.

The future seems wide open as Derulo's star continues to rise, and his labor of love, Future History, is finally out there. "This is the greatest accomplishment of my life," he gushes.

Until he finds that "special somebody," ofcourse ...

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