Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

Golden Globes TV: Our Two Nagging Gripes About the Nomination System

Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

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 Jessica Lange received a Globe nod this year. FX Networks

Jessica Lange received a Globe nod this year. FX Networks

Complaining about awards shows is like complaining about Congress: We all do it, but it never seems to make a difference. But since it is the Festivus season, we have to take this opportunity to air our grievances about the way Golden Globe nominations are handed out on the TV side. (Don't worry; the feats of strength will soon follow.) Here, our two main gripes about the Golden Globes TV nomination system ...

1.It lumps all supporting actors and actresses together.

The Globe supporting categories are an exceedingly awkward mix this year: Jessica Lange vs. Sofia Vergara vs. Maggie Smith? Peter Dinklage vs. Eric Stonestreet vs. Paul Giamatti? It's because, for some reason, the Globes insist on cramming all supporting actors and actresses in dramas, comedies, TV movies, and miniseries into just ten slots. The result? Emmy winners like Aaron Paul and Julie Bowen get shut out entirely. Let's spread the wealth and at least break up comedy and drama into their own supporting categories.

2. It considers British TV series "miniseries."

We love "Downton Abbey" and "Luther" as much as anybody, and we're happy to see them get some Golden Globe love. But they're not miniseries! They're continuing dramas that, per British custom, only air a handful of episodes each season. So instead of competing against American dramas as they should, they have an easier path to a nomination by being categorized with original movies and one-time-only miniseries. Let's level the playing field by putting all continuing series, American and British, in the same boat.

Okay, enough grievance-airing; we're going to go wrestle George Costanza's father now.

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