Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

Golden Globes 2012: TV Picks and Predictions

Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

While the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which votes for the Golden Globes, tends to be more adventurous in its choices than the traditionally stodgier academies handing out Emmys, it never goes far enough for our taste in terms of rewarding the truly deserving programs and performers. Here's who we think will take home gold on January 15 -- and who actually deserves to.

Best Television Series - Drama

"American Horror Story"

"Boardwalk Empire"


"Game of Thrones"


Deserves to win: Hands down the most compelling season of television belonged to "Homeland," but the show isn't as flashy or buzzy as some of its competitors. And it's a show with a terrorist as its lead, so it might be a bit of a hard sell to the HPFA's international audience (even though it's based on an Israeli program).

Will win: The shocking ending of "Boardwalk Empire" pretty much solidified a win for this HBO drama. It's not fantasy like "Game of Thrones" or horror like "American Horror Story" or largely unwatched like "Boss," and it has plenty of big names in both front and back of the camera. It's a shoo-in to take the trophy.

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Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama

Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire")

Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad")

Jeremy Irons ("The Borgias")

Kelsey Grammer ("Boss")

Damian Lewis ("Homeland")

Deserves to win: We spent an entire season marveling at Damian Lewis's deftly handled performance of a terrorist masquerading as a hero. His fantastic performance gave us chills and made the intense moments really work.

Will win: Don't get us wrong, Bryan Cranston is fantastic on "Breaking Bad," but he's an obvious choice at this point. And knowing voters, obvious is their way to go, though there's an off chance that previous Globe winner Grammer might curry favor with the HFPA.

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Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama

Claire Danes ("Homeland")

Mireille Enos ("The Killing")

Julianna Margulies ("The Good Wife")

Madeleine Stowe ("Revenge")

Callie Thorne ("Necessary Roughness")

Deserves to win: It's rare that we praise Claire Danes, but her contorted faces and erratic tics work for this mentally unstable character. She more than holds her own on this show -- she actually commands attention -- unlike Mireille Enos, who we constantly hope will be the murder victim in a future season.

Will win: Starring in a new show, Madeleine Stowe has the kind of comeback story that this organization loves, and the Globes voters do like to vote for at least one shiny new thing. A Stowe win is far more likely than Margulies enjoying a repeat victory.

Best Television Series - Comedy or Musical




"Modern Family"

"New Girl"

Deserves to win: It wasn't the best season of "Modern Family," but it was still better than any of the other choices on this list. We're still bitter about the lack of recognition for "Community," "Louie," or "Parks & Recreation," but "Family" at least has a talented ensemble and is actually a comedy…

Will win: … unlike "Enlightened," which will most likely win. Dramadies seem to be a favorite among voters, though really, anything that isn't "Glee" is largely OK by us.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical

Laura Dern ("Enlightened")

Zooey Deschanel ("New Girl")

Tina Fey ("30 Rock")

Laura Linney ("The Big C")

Amy Poehler ("Parks & Recreation")

Deserves to win: Amy Poehler has earned this prize, holding together a fantastically funny ensemble, and if the show can't get recognition, at least our beloved Leslie Knope should.

Will win: Laura Dern is handing in a more emotional performance, and even though she's not really in a comedy or musical, her brand-name recognition will likely give her a landslide victory.

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Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical

Alec Baldwin ("30 Rock")

David Duchovny ("Californication")

Johnny Galecki ("The Big Bang Theory")

Thomas Jane ("Hung")

Matt LeBlanc ("Episodes")

Deserves to win: We're as surprised as anyone that Johnny Galecki was nominated over his more obvious co-star Jim Parsons, but given the season, it makes sense. Galecki's been getting all of the funniest lines and moments and delivering them in a more understated fashion.

Will win: Not a ton of people watched Matt LeBlanc on "Episodes," but we're betting that the people from the Hollywood Foreign Press loved this show about Brits in the U.S. mingling with celebrities, and were as charmed by LeBlanc as we were.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones")

Paul Giamatti ("Too Big to Fail")

Guy Pearce ("Mildred Pierce")

Tim Robbins ("Cinema Verite")

Eric Stonestreet ("Modern Family")

Deserves to win: Peter Dinklage completely stole the show on "Game of Thrones." He was wonderfully bitter as the disposable son in the Lannister family, but being on a fantasy series might not help matters, Emmy or not.

Will win: Guy Pearce as the rich playboy in a buzzed-about HBO miniseries? Yeah, he's got this one in the bag. The poor folks handing in episodic performances don't stand a chance in this category.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Jessica Lange ("American Horror Story")

Kelly MacDonald ("Boardwalk Empire")

Maggie Smith ("Downton Abbey")

Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family")

Evan Rachel Wood ("Mildred Pierce")

Deserves to win: Evan Rachel Wood made us hate her even more than we thought possible, and we mean that in a nice way. She was supposed to be insufferable, and boy, she did it quite well. And while we'd ordinarily choose someone on a recurring series to win, Wood wowed us.

Will Win: It's hard to go up against a name like Jessica Lange, especially since the HFPA seems to love the weird and wild mind of Ryan Murphy. At least Sofia Vergara can be happy with the fact that she'll get to show off her cleavage in a form-fitting dress at the ceremony.

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