Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

Globes Presenters Add Humor to Nominations

Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

The Golden Globe nominations went, for the most part, according to script. But not quite.
Sofia Vergara, who was there to announce the nominees along with Woody Harrelson, Gerard Butler, and Rashida Jones, created a few fun moments into the proceedings.

Before Harrelson took the stage at the nominations, Vergara announced the nominees for best director. Vergara stumbled a bit when pronouncing "Martin Scorsese," who was nominated for his work on "Hugo." Vergara appeared all too aware of her mispronunciation. She winced at herself as she returned to her seat.

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The slight snafu did not go unnoticed by Harrelson, who followed Vergara to the podium for the next set of announcements. Harrelson paused for great comedic effect, a sign that it's OK to butcher the name of one of the world's greatest directors. Hey, it happens.

But the Woody Harrelson comedy show wasn't done yet. Harrelson was reading the nominees for best picture drama, when he brought more levity to the proceedings. "The nominees for best picture drama are . . . 'Rampart' opens January 27 . . . but I don't see it on the list. There are a LOT of things left off the list."

The joke was, of course, in reference to Harrelson's film (and his performance) not making the cut. "Rampart" is about an out-of-control and under-investigation police officer in Los Angeles. Harrelson's performance has been widely praised.

The Golden Globes will air January 15. Click here for a full list of the nominees.

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