Exclusive: Co-star on Brad Pitt’s Viral Giggle Fit

Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Jonah Hill has revealed the secret behind how he made Brad Pitt collapse in fits of laughter on a bloopers reel for the movie "Moneyball."

Footage of Pitt unable to utter his lines as he giggled hysterically for nearly three minutes was included as a bonus segment on the movie's DVD release and has been widely viewed on the Internet.

Pitt, who played Oakland Athletics' general manager Billy Beane, sits opposite Hill and tries to complete a scene where the two men discuss a home run they had just witnessed on video.

"With Brad, every day is hilarious so it could have been anything," Hill said at Sunday's Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. "There are so many funny things that happen and that he is responsible for."

"But from memory I think it was one of those things. The scene itself was pretty funny and then it just got to the point where the laughter was uncontrollable."

The scene from the movie relayed a true incident where Jeremy Brown, a heavy and lumbering Oakland batter, tripped clumsily and stumbled back to first base, not realizing that he had actually hit a home run.

"Moneyball" struck out at the Golden Globes, with Pitt losing out to George Clooney for best actor, Hill being trumped by Christopher Plummer for his supporting role, and the best screenplay statue going to Woody Allen for "Midnight In Paris."

However, as the video suggests, Hill found working with Pitt to be a thoroughly rewarding, not to mention amusing, experience.

"There were so many moments when we would both be laughing," Hill said. "I would try to get him going, just with comments here and there or goofing around. He has always got something up his sleeve as well, he will do anything to get a laugh or play a joke. It makes for a good work environment."

Hill recently said that during filming Pitt decked out the golf cart Hill used for on-set transport with pink decorations and a sign that read "I Love Wham!" When the cart started up, it had been configured to blare out the 1980s English band's hit, "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", much to the bemusement and delight of onlookers, and the embarrassment of Hill.

Despite recently suffering a knee injury that forced him to use a cane at the awards show -- which was playfully swiped by George Clooney midway through the ceremony -- Pitt was in good spirits as he sat alongside Angelina Jolie.

"Working with Jonah was one of the highlights of my year," he said of Hill. "He is a talented guy."

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