Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

2011 Golden Globes Questions, Answered

Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

Like a head-scratching episode of "Lost," the Golden Globe Awards raised more questions than answers. We did some digging, and solved the biggest mysteries from Sunday's event:

Q: Who was Jake Gyllenhaal's date?

A: Not Taylor Swift. The "Love and Other Drugs" star -- who reportedly dumped Swift over the phone after a whirlwind romance -- rebounded on the red carpet with another musically-inclined lady: Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis, whom he dated in 2001. (Watch her sing here.) Lucky girl. Meanwhile, Swift must be a sad girl right now. We imagine the country cutie pictured herself on Gyllenhaal's arm at the Globes, mingling with Emma Stone and the rest of Young Hollywood during commercial intermission. Le sigh.

Q:Why was Christian Bale's hair long?

A: The talented, typically morose actor was in a really good mood the whole night with a rare, dopey grin plastered across his face, as if he'd made a concerted effort to show the world "I am a decent guy, really." His hair was another story. Bale, who won a Globe for "The Fighter," sported Jesus-like locks and a 'stache that rendered him barely recognizable. Explaining the relaxed look to reporters, he said: "The long hair is unemployment. I haven't worked since 'The Fighter.'" Since Bale is one of his generation's most dedicated (and volatile) actors, perhaps the time off is serving him well in the mental sense. We're liking the Long-Haired Bale.

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Q: Where was Laura Linney?

A: When Linney's name was announced as a Golden Globe winner for Showtime's "The Big C," she could not accept her award due to a sadly coincidental personal tragedy: Her father, playwright Romulus Linney, died of lung cancer the night before at his home in Germantown, N.Y. He was 80 years old.

Q: Who is Temple Grandin?

A: The name might not be a household one, but in certain circles, it is hugely respected: Temple Grandin is a pioneer of humane practices toward handling livestock on cattle ranches and slaughterhouses. She also happens to be a woman with high-functioning autism, and the subject of the critically acclaimed HBO biopic "Temple Grandin," for which Claire Danes won a Globe for her portrayal of the academic/autism advocate. Grandin attended Sunday's show, and gave Danes a big bear hug before she picked up her trophy.

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Q: Why was Robert Pattinson's hair red?

A: R-Patz ... as a ginger? The "Twilight" hunk pulled a Khloe Kardashian and dyed his brown hair red, sending shockwaves of confusion around the vamp-obsessed world. Fret not, Twihards: It's for a movie role, not the result of a terrible Manic Panic experiment gone wrong. When asked about the dye job, Pattinson told E! News, "I had to keep switching it between two movies. I thought it was a nice change." Those movies would be "Breaking Dawn" and "Water for Elephants," which he's filming with Reese Witherspoon.

Q: How old is Jane Fonda?

A: It's hard to believe, but Fonda is 73. The veteran actress, who presented at the Globes, came out onstage looking like a million bucks in a black gown with "Dynasty"-esque shoulder pads. Unlike certain celebs half her age, Fonda has been open about her plastic surgery. She's recently returned to her workout queen roots with a new set of DVDs aimed at the older generation: on the cover of one such DVD, "Jane Fonda Primetime: Fit and Strong," she looks fit, strong and pretty damn good.

Q: What happened to Ricky Gervais?

A: The question of the night! After roasting the stars with verbal daggers of nastiness, skewering everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to celebrity Scientologists to the non-famous head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, host Gervais seemingly went missing the second half of the three-hour broadcast. His absence from the stage spoke volumes: The Globe organizers were not happy, and reportedly will not invite the British comedian back for an encore performance. Gervais, sensing a chill in the room, closed the show with this telling one-liner: "Thank god for making me an atheist!"

So now, in the aftermath of Hollywood's Prom Night, we have one more burning question left: Will Ricky Gervais be blacklisted from all future events? Should the HFPA lighten up? Are sly digs at John Travolta off limits from now on?

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