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‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham on final season: I’m ‘happy to move forward’

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Farrah and Sophia. (Splash News)

For the past three years, Farrah Abraham has lived her life for the cameras. Fans first met her when she was a part of MTV's first installment of "16 & Pregnant" in June 2009 and got to know her much better when she became one of the network's very first "Teen Mom" stars (there are now three editions). During that time, the 21-year-old has evolved from a bratty teen who bickered bitterly with her mother and father to a responsible young woman trying to get her education while also caring for her daughter Sophia as a single mom (the little girl's father died in a car crash before she was born). And now that the fourth and final season of "Teen Mom" is here (it premieres June 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT), Abraham says she welcomes the next chapter. "It's bittersweet," she admits to omg!. "We're happy that we had the opportunity, we're happy to move forward … This whole experience was way more dramatic than I ever thought it could be."

At the end of last season, Abraham was contemplating a move from her native Iowa — and her oftentimes overbearing mother, Debra, who was arrested in January 2010 for assaulting her daughter during an argument. After a lot of back and forth with her parents, Abraham did finally decide to relocate to South Florida to further her culinary education and took Sophia with her, despite her family's pleas to leave her behind with them. This season, "You will see me really breaking apart from my family, saying that I need independence, and it's hard on everyone," she explains. "It's not just hard on my mom and my dad. It's very hard, I can just say, for me being the mom that I am, to be strong enough to endure all of the changes. I try to look at things in a positive light, but not everything ends up turning out positive or perfect … They don't understand that I am really trying my hardest and I want the best for Sophia. But you know, they were scared and I think they're so loving that it comes off kind of overbearing, so that's really what you see us struggling with. We butt heads sometimes, and sometimes it's good to yell and get it out."

But Abraham adds that absence — and the thousands of miles between them — has made the heart grow fonder and really strengthened her relationship with her mom and dad. She says that they call each other frequently and even do Facetime on their phones so Sophia, 3, can see her grandparents. "I know she misses them," says Abraham, who is also a model and aspiring actress. "She tells me, 'I want grandma, I want grandpa.' She'll always bring it up. Ever since I moved to Florida, my parents have been coming every couple of weeks. They actually enjoy it because it's a vacation, so they go to Sea World, Disney, Universal Studios. They get to go to these fun awesome places with Sophia, and when they're doing that, I go to my castings, to my meetings, and do work."

Even though living in the Sunshine State feels like "it's vacation every day," it does have its fair share of struggles. For one, Abraham is having a hard time making friends. "People are always in and out, lots of vacationers, spring breakers," she says. "It's a great, fun place, but honestly it's hard to have friends that are living there consistently because they're there, then they're gone." Dating has also been a sore spot. Although she was seeing social media manager Daniel Alvarez last summer, she adds that she's back on the market. And finding the time to go out on dates — and then finding a babysitter — has been challenging. "It's very hard, and that's why I try to work at home as much as possible, and take online classes," she says. "I honestly don't trust people and I've had a lot of trust issues when it comes to Sophia in the past so I'm trying to make sure that doesn't happen anymore."

Until she finds a man, Abraham is keeping busy with her many projects — an autobiography out in August, casting calls, and her Italian-Asian fusion restaurant — as well as raising adorable little Sophia, who shares her mommy's love of cooking. "I'm very proud of Sophia," gushes the reality star. "She's picked up a lot. She's mixing the pancakes in the morning, she likes to do spaghetti. I just think it's great that she caught onto cooking so soon. So I think that's No. 1 what I'm happiest about. But then again, she does so many other amazing things, like ballet, she can say her ABCs, she sings to me. She's just amazing. So I'm happy that she has the good genes of me and her dad."

Although making her private life so very public on national TV has been a rollercoaster at times, Abraham insists she does not regret her decision. "There's good and bad to everything," she says. "Look on the bright side of all I've gone through, look how hard working I am. Maybe you meet horrible people along the way, but that doesn't mean you have to stay around them. I'm just super happy I chose to be a part of something that turned out to be way bigger. With '16 & Pregnant,' my motive was just to show that no matter I was pregnant, I'm going to make a better life for myself. It doesn't have to be as hard and as crazy."

So does that mean Abraham would go through all that again and do another reality show? "Oh yes," she exclaims without hesitation. "I would say yes to that in a heartbeat."

Would you watch if Farrah got her own spin-off?

New episodes of "Teen Mom" air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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