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Suri Visits Katie Holmes on Broadway

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Katie Holmes and a shy Suri (

Katie Holmes had a V.I.P. guest backstage at "Dead Accounts" on Wednesday: Suri!

It was one of Holmes' double-header days at the Broadway show — she had a matinee at 2 p.m. followed by an evening performance at 8 p.m. So when the 6-year-old's day was over at her posh, private school Avenues on Wednesday afternoon, she was then shuttled uptown to visit her mother at the Music Box Theatre.

Still wearing her gray uniform paired with adorable patterned tights, Suri was carried into the theater by one of Holmes' burly employees. Mother and daughter then spent some time together before Holmes, a single mother since divorcing Tom Cruise over the summer, had to take the stage again. No doubt, Suri was up, down, and all around the halls of the theater, which was built in 1921. She's visited her mother there frequently since Holmes started rehearsals in October — and it's likely she'll return many more times before the curtain falls on the show on February 24.

After their visit, Holmes emerged from the side door of the theater carrying Suri, who was nestled in a pink winter coat, to the waiting car.

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As you can see from the photos, Suri seemed to be feeling a little camera shy on Wednesday, which is especially humorous if you follow Suri's Burn Book, the popular satirical blog written from the perspective of the celeb spawn. Following Monday's announcement that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a royal baby, Allie Hagan, who is behind the site and the book Suri's Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood's Little Sweetheart posted photos of a teary Suri with just two lines, "I don't want to talk about it. I just want to cry."

In a second post on the site that went up earlier today, Hagan's fictional version of Suri — who doesn't want to lose the limelight to the royal baby — lamented, "The Duchess has been released, and even after three days of hospitalized vomiting, she looks better than you and almost as good as me. Let the baby bump pictures commence. I hate my life."

All jokes (and funny blogs) aside — Suri doesn't seem to have anything to worry about. Getting picked up at her tony private school and being chauffeured to an iconic Broadway theater for the afternoon? That kid's got it made.

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