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Sharon Stone and Sons Enjoy a Roman Holiday

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Sharon Stone and sons Laird and Quinn (Olycom/

Sharon Stone and her two youngest sons, Laird, 6, and Quinn, 5, touched down in Rome on Tuesday. The mini jet-setters were dressed in matching skateboarding T-shirts while their famous mom made more of a fashion statement in a full-length, animal-print coat.

The actress best known for her Golden Globe-winning role in Casino recently got candid about life as a single mom to Quinn, Laird, and Roan, 11, all of whom are adopted. "I'm loving raising my kids," she told AARP. "Quinn is in junior kindergarten, and he's very exclamatory! Like a little FBI agent, he tells you everything that's happening, so I call him Agent Quinn. 'Mom! Toots pooped in the yard!' 'Thank you, Agent Quinn.' And Laird is like a rocket. He came home with his violin from school yesterday and played it all night. He's a big romancer: When you talk to him on the phone, he's like, 'I'm in love with you, Mommy.'"

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Stone's eldest, Roan, resides with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein in San Francisco, following a very public custody battle in 2008. However, he makes monthly weekend visits to the star's Los Angeles home, where she resides with Quinn and Laird, whom she subsequently adopted as a single parent. "You have to get over those emotions and be a good mother," she told the magazine of the court ruling. "My main concern is that I support him, love him, and am steady."

Building a family wasn't easy for Stone, who suffered multiple miscarriages — due to a lupus-related condition — before adopting her trio. She also suffered from a brain hemorrhage, which kept her bedridden for 8 months and caused short-and long-term memory loss.

"I don't blame anyone else for what happened to me," added Sharon, who has a role in the upcoming movie "Lovelace." "But once you've had your life burn down, it takes time to be a phoenix. You have to stand in stillness long enough that the balls stop moving, and love and forgive yourself. At a certain point you can say, 'I also made a lot of great choices in my life. And now, if I want to put the balls back in motion, how would I do that?' What was an endless, desperate plea has become an endless, peaceful walk. I am so free, so blessed. I have the most gorgeous children."

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