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Natalie Portman hits Texas with her family in tow

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Natalie Portman and her family (Splash News)

Natalie Portman is in the Lone Star state to film a new movie, but she certainly isn't alone. In Austin to film an untitled Terrence Malick project, the newly blond actress enjoyed some quality time with her husband, Benjamin Millepied, and their 1-year-old son, Aleph, taking in some of the popular local attractions.

Portman, who married Millepied in August, was casually dressed in skinny jeans and a T-shirt for the family stroll on Monday. Wearing cat-eye sunglasses, the 31-year-old pushed Aleph's stroller while Millepied carried the adorable little boy, whose hair color is similar to his mother's recently dyed locks. Also excited for the walk through an Austin park was Portman's dog, Whiz, who scampered a few paces behind.

Later, at sunset, Portman and company headed to the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue bridge for the city's famous bat display. Yes, bats. The bridge houses the largest urban bat colony — there are somewhere between 750,000 to 1.5 million of them — and as the sun goes down each night, the bats emerge from the cracks and crevices in the bridge. The Academy Award-winning actress and her family watched along with the rest of the large group of spectators.

Not much is known about Portman's latest movie project — other than she has signed on to do two movies with Malick. This one required her to dye her hair blond, which made headlines last month. "My mom says I'm like a different person," she said the night she debuted her new look.

Different? Maybe. But seeing her happily strolling along with her family makes us think nothing at all has really changed.

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