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Matt Damon dines with his gals

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Matt Damon wife his wife and daughters. (

Oh, what a difference a decade makes. Back in 2002, the "Good Will Hunting" star was a single guy, still out playing the field. Fast forward 10 years, and the now-41-year old has his hands full with being a father to four girls with wife Luciana Barroso, whom he married in December 2005. The couple took three-quarters of their brood for lunch at Italian restaurant Sor Tino in the L.A. enclave of Brentwood on Saturday. Matt held hands with 6-year-old Isabella and 3-year-old Gia, while mom carried the newest member of the family — Stella, who turns 2 this fall. The girls' eldest sister, 13-year-old Alexia, Luciana's daughter from a previous relationship, sat the excursion out.

Damon first met his wife at a bar in Miami, where she was working, and hasn't looked back since.

"I genuinely feel like something incredible happened the first time I saw her," he told Britain's The Independent in 2011, noting that since their meeting was love at first sight, he didn't hesitate to welcome her young daughter into his life as well. "I moved and suddenly she wasn't just my wife. It was also a 4-year-old little girl … There was never a choice. It was just the way it was and I was happy for that. I can't imagine my life having not gone down that road, or what my life would be now otherwise. I don't want to imagine it."

Though this particular shot was taken by paparazzi, Damon says, for the most part, photogs don't trail him thanks mostly to his not-so-wild ways. "I've been left alone, even by the paparazzi, because what sells is sex and scandal," he told Parade magazine last year. "Absent that, they really don't have that much interest in you. I'm still married, still working, still happy."

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