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Jennifer Garner and Seraphina’s Ice Cream Social

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Garner and Seraphina (Maciel/

With three children under the age of six at home, including a newborn, it's hard to make one-on-one time for each child, but Jennifer Garner was able to enjoy a girls' day out with daughter Seraphina — and it appeared to be delicious fun.

The actress enjoyed an ice cream date with the 3-year-old at the Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The little girl clearly has a passion for pink. She was dressed in the hue from tip to toe, and was animated, swinging her arms around as her mom carried her to make their purchase. The twosome sat outside while Seraphina snacked on her cone and Garner, 40, sprayed her daughter's head with kisses.

Earlier in the day, the busy mom brought Samuel, her son who was just born in February, to a doctor's office in Pacific Palisades. On the way out, she played peek-a-boo with the baby, who was resting comfortably in his stroller.

Ben Affleck, who has been married to Garner since 2005, paid tribute to his wife on Mother's Day by posting a video to his Facebook page. In it he called Garner "an incredible, spectacular, world-class mom."

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After taking a break from movie making to focus on family making, Garner will be seen in the upcoming movie "The Odd Life of Timothy Green." In the flick, which comes out in August, she plays a woman struggling to become pregnant.

Garner told that she signed on for the role because "the writing resonated with me… The way that parenthood is presented, it's very true." And she thinks anyone can relate to the story — no matter how old they are. "I was surprised by how universal [the story] is," Garner told the website." When I watched it, there was a little kid next to me. I thought maybe this wasn't for them. I see it through my own lens. The kid loved it more than anyone in the theater. They see the other kids in the movie. Kids are totally in love with this film. That is such a bonus for me that it is such a family film that everyone can go to and enjoy."

Perhaps she'll bring her eldest daughter, 6-year-old Violet, on a mommy-and-wee date to see the film together.

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