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Bristol Palin: I’m waiting until marriage to have sex

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Palin and her son, Tripp. (A & E Television Networks)

It's a lesson learned for Bristol Palin. The 21-year-old single mom says she is now waiting until marriage to have sex again, after she got pregnant at the age of just 17. Even though her blond-haired, blue-eyed son Tripp, 3, is "the cutest kid in the world," Palin, the star of her brand-new Lifetime reality show "Life's a Tripp," insists she's not eager to make him a big brother any time soon. "Gino and I are going to wait until marriage," she tells In Touch magazine of her pipeline worker boyfriend, Giacinto "Gino" Paoletti, also 21. "I'm doing what's best for me. It's between me and God, and I know it's right. My sister Willow is 17, and when I was her age, I was eight months pregnant, and I look at her and I think, 'Holy cow, I was just a baby!' I don't care what your background is — it's so hard."

Perhaps Palin also learned her lesson because her son's father, Levi Johnston, has become a total deadbeat who hasn't seen Tripp or paid her a dime of child support in a year. Still, that hasn't stopped him from having another out-of-wedlock child: his girlfriend Sunny Oglesby is pregnant with a daughter the couple plans to name Breeze Beretta, after his favorite kind of gun. And because of all she's been through, Palin wants to make sure no other young women make the same mistakes. "Since I have this platform, I want to use it for good," she tells In Touch. "I want to let girls know that this isn't ideal, this isn't fun, this isn't easy."

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The Massey brothers and Palin filming their original reality show. (Splash News)

On top of all the drama, Palin is now also being sued by former "Dancing With the Stars" competitor Kyle Massey, as well as his brother Christopher, because they feel they were cut out of her new reality show. Originally, the idea was for cameras to follow Palin as she moved to Los Angeles and lived with the brothers. The trio was even spotted out and about filming last year. But when Lifetime's "Life's a Tripp" was announced, it was all about Palin and her son. On Tuesday — the same day the show premiered to abysmal reviews — the Masseys filed a lawsuit claiming they were the ones who developed the idea for the show, starring themselves with Palin, but it was hijacked by producer David McKenzie. The brothers are asking for an unspecified amount of money (they say they were promised $500,000 each to be on the show, plus they want more for coming up with the idea) and want a judge to shut down the show immediately.

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