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Justin Bieber wants to follow ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg into acting

No wonder Justin Bieber and the former "Marky Mark" Wahlberg have become such bros! Both began their careers as terribly dressed pop stars who later set their sights on acting. But while Wahlberg's on-screen credits include respected performances in critically acclaimed movies like 2010's "The Fighter" and 2006's "The Departed," 18-year-old Bieber's resume so far is limited to his music videos and a couple of episodes of "CSI." (Last year's documentary about him, "Never Say Never," doesn't really count.)

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A decked out Justin Bieber performs in 2012. (George Pimentel/WireImage)

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Mark Wahlberg bares his abs circa 1991. (Barry King/WireImage)

That could change soon. In a new interview with E!, Bieber reveals that he "hopes to do some more acting." The pop star also confirms that he and Wahlberg, 41, are joining forces on a film project that's been buzzed about for a while: a basketball drama. "We've been working on this script for a long time now," Bieber reveals.

Wahlberg has also discussed teaming up with the teen in the movie he reportedly hopes to begin filming in the spring. "Think of [it as] like, 'The Color of Money,'" Wahlberg told MTV, referring to the 1986 movie about pool hustlers that starred Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. Wahlberg also joked that he was surprised to learn he'd be playing the older character in the film. "So I get this call from Paramount [with a story about] an old guy and a young guy. I'm like, 'Cool, let's get Jack [Nicholson]. Let's get Robert De Niro. Let's get Robert Duvall.' And they go, 'What about Garrett Hedlund?' I'm like, 'For what?' They're like, 'For the young guy.'"

Wahlberg, who's now a father of four, first experienced Bieber Fever thanks to his children. In fact, he even told Time magazine in 2010, that Bieber is the only person who could make him rap again! "If Justin Bieber asked me, I'd do that for my daughter," Wahlberg said. "She loves me to death, but she doesn't think I'm very cool, so that might turn it around." Then, he raved about Bieber in June. "Obviously, [Bieber] is a very good athlete," Wahlberg told MTV, referring to an episode of "The Diary of Justin Bieber" in which the teen showed off his skills on the court. "People have seen him on MTV; he can play. But I also really think he can act … There's not going to be any shortage of pushing him in getting that kind of strong performance out of him, if we get to make the movie. We're just going to have to make him realize that he's playing a character so he can't have the same hairdo."

Does the poster boy for exposed underwear really want to talk about style?

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