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Emily Osment: From Disney Star to Pop-Rock Singer

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Emily Osment is best known for her role as Lilly Truscott (or Lola Luftnagle, when she's rocking brightly colored wigs) on Disney's wildly popular series "Hannah Montana," but unlike her tone-deaf character, Emily can actually sing in real life!

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Emily Osment visits the Yahoo! office in Santa Monica, California. - J. Michael Brown/Yahoo!

Although the 17-year-old starlet has released songs on numerous Disney compilations in conjunction with the various projects she's worked on with the network, she's now branching out on her own musically with her recently released solo album All the Right Wrongs.

Before she kicked off on her cross-country tour last week, Emily stopped by Yahoo! to chat with me. We talked about everything! She dished on how her music career was jump-started, what's on her iPod, which TV shows are her faves (hint: it's not "Gossip Girl" or "Glee"), what you can expect from her on tour, what her favorite song is from her EP, who her musical influences are, what's coming up in the next season of "Hannah Montana," and exactly how difficult it was to have to act like she can't sing.


Emily will be performing her hit single "All the Way Up" on "The View" tomorrow (Friday, November 20). Check your local listings.

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