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Daniela Bobadilla: Parents were ‘a little nervous for me’ to work with Charlie Sheen

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When actress Daniela Bobadilla, 19, was first hired to play the daughter of Charlie Sheen in the new FX comedy "Anger Management," her parents and friends were "a little nervous" for her, she explains to omg!. After all, Sheen was the same guy who had talked about warlocks, goddesses, and tiger blood in his infamous meltdown last year, right? "But they didn't have much time to get nervous at all, because I actually met him during the audition process," Bobadilla explains. "The Charlie that I met, that he was and that I hoped he was, had nothing to do with whatever had happened … I didn't see any [of that] while working with him. He was so much fun, so professional, so human, and caring." Bobadilla recalls that in the early days of the show, Sheen put everyone at ease by saying out loud that he was nervous — something no one else wanted to admit, even though they were all feeling the same way. Sheen also did little things that meant a lot, she says, like looking everyone up before shooting so he already knew a few things about them, and inviting the cast over to his home to watch a UFC match.

Clearly a Sheen fan, Bobadilla says she'd be in favor of him becoming a judge on "American Idol." The show's producer, Nigel Lythgoe, recently mentioned Sheen's name as a joke while talking about possible replacements for departing judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Then Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, Sheen said, "It seemed so out of the blue that it almost made perfect sense. I thought, 'This could be really fun. This could be a lot of fun.'" Bobadilla agrees. "I think Charlie would be fantastic," she gushed in our interview. "I want to see him sing, though! It's not one of his favorite things to do at all. But If he wanted to [judge], I'd definitely go cheer him on!"

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But for now, Bobadilla is focused on Sheen's current show. "My character [14-year-old Sam] is quirky. She knows that sometimes, and sometimes she doesn't," Bobadilla says. "She's trying to navigate not only her teen life, but she also has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, so that just adds to her weirdness." Speaking of weird, does Bobadilla think it's at all odd to be playing someone so much younger than her? "It's so much fun," she says. "If you ask any of my close friends, they know I always complain that I never get to play my age. But I'm really short and really young at heart, so for me it's just easy."

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The young starlet recently took our Crush Questionnaire. Check out her answers!

If you could travel back in time, what period would you visit? 1920s. I like the flapper dresses and all that.

What was your first job? I taught high school students Spanish. I was born and raised in Mexico (until she moved to Vancouver in middle school), so I speak Spanish fluently. I also assistant coached little girls in figure skating. That was really fun. (Bobadilla competed professionally in ice skating for four years, until an injury forced her to take a break. She chose to focus on acting instead of going back to the sport.)

Who is your celebrity crush? Girl-wise, Emma Stone, because she's just fantastic right now. Guy-wise, maybe Ryan Reynolds?

What's one thing on your bucket list that you haven't done yet? This is a hard one, because my list is pretty long. One thing I definitely still want to do is go ziplining.

Which member of "The Breakfast Club" were you most like in high school? Molly Ringwald's character, definitely.

What's your horoscope sign? Does it describe your personality? I'm an Aries. Most of the time, whether I want to admit it or not, it describes me. I don't check my horoscope too often, but most of the time, yes, I'm fiery and stubborn.

When you were a kid, whose poster was on your wall? Well, I had 45 Avril Lavigne posters. Those were my first posters. I wish she would come out with something else!

If you had to pick a movie to watch this very moment, what would it be and why? "21 Jump Street." I think I've watched it like five times now. It's a kick-ass movie!

"Anger Management" airs at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT Thursdays on FX.

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