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Dakota Fanning’s Black Magic

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Dakota Fanning dons a sophisticated Valentino mini on the red carpet. - Jordan Strauss/Getty Images North Amer …

We don't know how she does it, but for a 16-year-old -- actually for a celebrity of any age -- Dakota Fanning appears remarkably together, and the starlet's wardrobe is no exception. Whether she's donning jeans and a crisp blazer while en route to the set of her latest blockbuster or strutting her stuff on the red carpet in a dazzling designer dress, Dakota rarely fails to look pretty and polished.

But when "The Thread" asked the "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" cutie to describe her personal style, she confessed there's no real strategy. She simply wears what makes her happy. "I like to change it up," she said. "I wear completely different things from day to day. I think it's fun to be girly one day and then ... hard the next day, all black."

Coincidentally, black is also the go-to color for the actress' villainous character, Jane. Check out the clip below to see what Dakota has to say about her on-camera costumes, her fave LBD (which "Twilight" fans will surely recognize!), and much more.

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The teen star vamps it up as Jane in "Eclipse." - Summit Entertainment


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