You Won’t Believe It … But Kanye West Just Thanked the Paparazzi

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Kanye West gets swarmed in Paris (Splash News)

At this point, there isn't much Kanye West can say that is all that shocking, but on Sunday, Kim Kardashian's beau managed to shock us once again.

While out and about in Paris, the 36-year-old rapper encountered the paparazzi — whom he hasn't had the best track record with as of late — and played nice.

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"Don't ask questions, just take video," West instructed (as he usually does). Only this time, the paps — or "bloodsucking mosquitoes," as Kanye affectionately called them last week — did just that.

"Don't do like the L.A. [photogs]. I like how you guys move out here," he told them. "You've got total respect for yourselves, have respect for the people that you're photographing, and you also take time off, like, at 8:00, you're not around peoples' houses and stuff like that."

During this exchange, the paparazzi was so quiet you could hear a pin drop!

"I just really appreciate and respect that," the "Black Skinhead" rapper continued. "I understand you have to make a living, so I appreciate that."

At one point, a French woman stopped to ask the paps who they were snapping. One photog asked Kanye for permission to reveal his identity, and Yeezus nodded yes before turning to introduce himself.

"I'm Kanye," he said to the woman while shaking her hand. "How you doing?"

We're loving this Parisian, laid-back Kanye … and the chill paparazzi, too!

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