Why Celine Dion Wouldn’t Start Her Career Today

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Celine Dion began her career in the music industry in the 1980s, but she's admitting to "omg! Insider" Special Correspondent Jenny Hutt that if she had to, she wouldn't start her career all over again due to the nature of show business today.

"I just feel like they're pressuring the kids even more," the mother of three said. "You can't just sing great, you have to have it all, and I wouldn't start my career today."

Celine is releasing her 11th English language studio album, entitled "Loved Me Back to Life," on Tuesday, and while she's managed to avoid the dangerous side of the biz, she still sees many of the issues.

"It's all about, who's gonna sing before whom and after whom, and who is gonna be the most successful that evening, and who makes the most money, and what are you wearing, and who's got the shortest skirt," Celine said. "It's dangerous, so I protected myself for 30 years to escape it as quick as I can."

Check out this video to see what else the singer revealed about the industry today versus the one she started in, and for more of the latest in entertainment news, tune in to "omg! Insider" on television tonight!

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