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Why Celebs Will Be Sleeping In on Black Friday

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Paris Hilton demonstrates the celebrity holiday shopping experience ... (Survivor/

Don't expect to rub elbows with the likes of Paris Hilton or Sean "Diddy" Combs when you're in that looong line for post-Thanksgiving sales.

Personal shoppers who work for celebs confirm that what the rest of us consider the holiday shopping crush is actually quite luxurious for those with fat wallets.

Here's how:

No lines.

While regular folks are camping out in tents in Best Buy parking lots, celebs are still snoozing, burning off those Thanksgiving dinner calories with a workout, or whatever they would rather be doing than fighting in the aisles of Target for that last discounted TV.

Derek Roche, a personal shopper and stylist who's worked with Diddy, Nicki Minaj, and others, explains how the shopping experience is downright relaxing for the super-rich.

"One thing is that when we go in, we don't have to stand in line. We don't have to just shop around," reveals Roche, star of Lifetime's "Million Dollar Shoppers." "We go into VIP areas and the items come to us. I can call up a store and say, 'Hey, I'm looking for amazing holiday dresses for a holiday party. She loves red, she loves sequins, pull what you've got.' And then they'll pull earrings and scarves and accessories to go with this outfit and then I show up, [and] it'll be in the sizes that I already need."

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None of this for celebs! (AP Photo)

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Actually, no rules at all!

Roche and his clients don't spend time waiting, but they do somehow manage to enjoy free refreshments during their sprees.

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Ryan Phillippe (FameFlynet)

"I might have a glass of champagne," Roche says. "I may have cookies and milk, they may order me a panini, they may order me shrimp scampi … it's all about the relationship. At the end of the day, they want you to spend money."

Eating chocolate while shopping for designer duds? Yikes! But celebrity customers and their personal shoppers get away with it.

Another perk they enjoy is unlimited access to stores. Nicole Pollard, founder of L.A.-based personal shopping company Lalaluxe, says clients can shop whenever they want, wherever they want.

"I have opened Chanel on New Year's Day for a queen," she notes.

Oh, and they can rely on a delivery system much better than Santa's sleigh.

"I have hired a private jet for a certain celebrity to make sure their purse arrived in time," Pollard adds.

Free stuff.

A cruel irony is that the people who least need a break when it comes to their shopping bill are the ones who receive it.

New York stylist Dana Tycher Reisman confirms that, "Gifts with large purchases are quite common."

And yes, that $6,000 Céline handbag or hundreds of dollars in LaPrairie skincare products with caviar qualify as large purchases!

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Denise Richards (JLM/Splash News)

Still, try not to feel too bad about the lame freebie you may snag with a purchase at the mall after ducking out of your family's Turkey Day dinner a little early.

The holidays aren't about the presents, right?

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