Why Amanda Seyfried Didn’t Slim Down for ‘Lovelace’ Role

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Amanda Seyfried on August 5 (Getty Images)

Amanda Seyfried is one confident actress.

Love scenes don't intimidate the "Lovelace" star and neither does going nude on film.

"There's no point in worrying [about how you will look]," Seyfried told omg! at an L.A. screening of her new film on Monday. In fact, the 27-year-old actress told us she didn't alter her diet or fitness routine before diving into her role for the flick, where she bares a lot on screen.

"I'm really active, I try to run every day and eat well, but that's normal for me," Seyfried explained. "[Linda Lovelace] was really thin, but I don't have the same body type as her at all and if I stopped eating I would look gross. I don't want to promote unhealthy body types. So, yeah, I [didn't change my fitness or diet routine] at all."

So what is Seyfried's "normal" routine?

"I love running and being outdoors. I am trying to eat more vegetables, but it's really difficult," she said. "I overeat in the middle of the day. And I'm a sugar addict. It never changes ... I try!"

In her new film she plays porn star turned activist Linda Lovelace. So if going topless and filming sometimes brutal sex scenes with Peter Sarsgaard didn't freak out Seyfried, did anything?

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Seyfried's workout buddy is her canine companion Finn (Splash News)

"In the beginning [Linda] was this naïve, idealistic young woman who was struggling with her family life and her sexuality," Seyfried continued. "In the later years, this woman kind of came full circle at the end of her arc, contradicting how she felt when she was younger, which we all do. It was two different people. It was a stretch, but it was good."

As for Seyfried's physical transformation, she enjoyed being a brunette, although she could do without the brown contacts.

"They were hard, itchy, and uncomfortable ... but they were important. It's the first time I've really lost my look in a movie. It's so fun. I want to do it every time now."

As for how much of the Lovelace's movie "Deep Throat" she watched to prep for the scene, the answer was not much.

"I saw 15 minutes at most," she laughed. "It was really boring to me."

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