Whoops! Paris Hilton Curses Out Interviewer … While She’s Still on the Air!

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Paris Hilton (Getty Images)

It's not as awful as an "accidental" sex tape, but is still looks pretty bad.

Socialite-turned-"DJ" Paris Hilton, 32, called into the Bob and Showgram radio show on Raleigh-Durham's G105, but the interview didn't go quite as planned.

After a quick three-and-a-half minute chat with Bob and his crew, where they talked about topics such as her sex tape, "The Bling Ring," and her famous friends (note: the show is known for being a bit shock jockish in nature), Paris turned to her publicist and told him how she really felt about the interview that had just taken place.

The problem is ... her mic was still hot and she was still on the air!

(Warning: heiress profanity within.)

"Ay yi yi," her rep said.

"That guy is a f--king a--hole, I'm never doing that show again," Paris said with a tone of utter disdain.

The publicist responded, "I've already put in a call to them. I can't believe they brought that crap up."

"They didn't even mention the song," complained the hotel heiress.

Having listened to Paris's new song, we can understand why it wasn't mentioned.

Having listened to this interview, we can understand why they "brought that crap up."

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