What's the Deal With the Kim Kardashian 'Warhol' Painting?

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As usual, Kim Kardashian has been the talk of the Internet all week. But this time, it's not for a headline she tried to make herself.

The reality star is the subject of a Warhol painting, though not created by Andy. Her fiancé, Kanye West, 36, supposedly commissioned it for $30,000, only maybe he didn't. Now Kardashian, 33, might be denying ever having heard of the artist at all, and Monica Warhol says its because the portrait was meant to be a surprise.

So, what's really going on?

Here's what we know:

Monica Warhol, who claims to be a "distant cousin" of famed artist Andy Warhol (her grandfather and Andy's dad were brothers she says), is a Tucson, Arizona-based artist who creates works in the same vein as the Pop Art purveyor. According to her website, she is a mother of six, engaged, and (surprise!) developing a reality show with Concussions Productions about her art and home life.

Earlier this week, the artist — whose creative process involves layering both hand drawn and Photoshopped photographs onto silk-screens resulting in renditions of famous faces that are strikingly similar to Andy's original works — told Page Six that West hired her to make the fluorescent pink, orange, blue, and red likeness of his love (which she debuted in In Touch magazine) for $30,000.

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"She's an icon," Monica told the paper. "She's famous for nothing. Andy would have loved her."

However, a rep for Kim says there is "no truth" to the commissioning claims. In turn, the artist is now speculating that West may have intended for it to be a surprise gift for Kim and is no longer interested since the secret was spoiled.

Whatever the connection, Monica definitely wants the world to think she knows at least some members of the Kardashian klan. On Dec. 2, Warhol tweeted, "Kourtney and Scott were so amazing, I'm so lucky," seemingly referring to Kim's famous big sister and her boyfriend, Scott Disick.

She also tweeted about the painting process, writing:


While her Kimye connection may be tenuous, Monica does have other famous fans. Flo Rida featured the artist's Warholified (her descriptor — not ours) portrait of his face in the background of his "How I Feel" video. She's also working on a rendition of Lenny Kravitz after meeting him in Los Angeles (and posting the picture on her website).


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By now, Kim should be getting used to her art-inspiring persona. The E! star's pregnant body was immortalized as a fertility statue by celebrity sculpter Daniel Edwards earlier this year. She has also been represented by Red Vines, and reimagined as the Virgin Mary, Mona Lisa, and "Titanic's" famous Rose character (with Kanye as her Jack) on the bow of the ship.


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