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Virtual Happy Hour With Chelsea Handler

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Chelsea Handler (Splash News)

If you know anything at all about Chelsea Handler, we'd venture to guess it's that the tell-it-like-it-is comedian enjoys a good drink.

The "Chelsea Lately" host is known to toss back a cocktail with her guests on the show and does have a book titled "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea," so while on the phone with her recently, we discussed drinking — alcoholic and non — from her tips for hosting a great cocktail party to how she takes her margaritas when she's vacationing with Jennifer Aniston in Mexico. It was a virtual happy hour, of sorts.

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Why Chuy Stinks at Making Drinks
While Handler makes a lot of jokes about booze on "Chelsea Lately" — and recently did tequila shots with Amy Adams on the show — the set is tamer than viewers may think. Asked if any of her guests have gotten a little too boozy, she tells Yahoo, "Not in a long time. I mean there's not a lot of time. They get there about an hour before [they tape their interview], so if we give 'em a cocktail, it's right before they go on and they can't get too sloppy."

Does her sidekick Chuy Bravo make her a good cocktail, if asked?

"No" she sighs. "He can't reach the counter." And don't expect her to make him anything. "He has a job for the rest of his life. What else can I do for him? He's responsible for his own beverages."

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Chuy does not win raves for his bartending skills. (Getty Images)

The Upside to Authoring a Book With 'Vodka' in the Title
Handler, whose favorite adult beverages are vodka and tequila, says people constantly buy her drinks "all the time" — and she's not complaining about it. However, fans know that she has a few rules when it comes to drinking them.

"Yes, I always accept them. I'm not gonna send them back," she notes. "But I don't always drink them. I don't like when people send me shots. I'm 38, so it's not like I'm in high school anymore or college."

Party Time at Chez Handler
The New Jersey native says the key to throwing a great party is the perfect combination of guests.

"It's good to mix people who would never meet each other otherwise," she offers. "I like to blend together people who wouldn't normally expect to hang out. It throws everybody for a loop-de-loop."

And, while probably qualified, don't expect her to be blending the drinks.

"I would hire a mixologist to come and prepare something for everybody — something for men, something for girls, something for gay men, something for gay girls."

Her one request of her guests? That they have a safe ride home.

"Everybody has to Uber it," reveals Handler, who was scared straight after getting a DUI when she was 21. "Nobody's allowed to drink and drive from my house. That's off-limits. That's the only rule I have. "

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Handler with her gal pal Jen Aniston. (Getty Images)

Her Signature Drink During Vacation With Aniston Is…
"I like margaritas a lot," shares Handler, who has accompanied Aniston on her famous trips to Cabo San Lucas. "If I'm in Mexico, I have a margarita."

How does she take it? "Blended, frozen, no salt."

What She Really Thinks of All Those Celeb Wine Lines
"Celebrity wine lines? Whatever," she sniffs. "I mean if you're into it, if you have your own vineyard, then you should have your own wine."

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Has she tried any? "No, I'm not a big wine drinker. I'm not a wine person."

So she didn't immediately order a case of the Jolie-Pitt's Miraval wine when it went on sale?

"No, I didn't even know they had a wine that came out," confesses Handler, who has known to rip into Angelina Jolie from time to time. ("She seems like a demon," she said last year.)

Handler's 'Last Vice'
While the blonde always makes jokes about her drinking on the show, she isn't always imbibing. Most of the time she's actually drinking water, green tea, or her daily allotment of one soda, specifically 7Up Ten, which is sugar free and has 10 calories. She recently partnered with the soda brand for a series of tongue-in-cheek online videos in which she advocates giving up any type of resolutions.

"I've been on more of a health kick in the last couple of years. I had to get my act together," she says. "So I only drink like one soda a day and it's always 7Up Ten. So I actually called them — or reached out to them I should say, I didn't really dial the phone — and asked if I could do something with them because it was kind of the last thing I was left with, my last vice."

She adds: "I like it because it's a drink that will get you into a lot less trouble than vodka and also puts a little pep in your step."

The "Chelsea Lately" host's fifth book, "Uganda Be Kidding Me" — in which she shares traveling stories — comes out March 4 and you can catch her on her 25-city comedy tour promoting it.

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