Victoria Beckham’s Bike Stolen, Which Means … Victoria Beckham Rides a Bike?!

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Victoria Beckham and her lonely bike wheel (Getty Images / Instagram)

Victoria Beckham is missing one of her (apparently) favorite accessories — her bike. Wait, what?!

Yeah, this news surprised us, too. On Thursday, the painfully posh fashion designer tweeted an Instagram pic of a lonely bike wheel chained to a pole on a New York City sidewalk.

"So I won't be riding home tonight then! x vb," she lamented in the caption.

Her post raised many questions, but none more mystifying than: Who would steal a bike? Victoria Beckham rides a bike?

The 39-year-old working mother of four is known for her svelte frame, skin-hugging clothes, and sky-high stilettos. And that's just what she wears to cart her kids around town. Right now, however, she's in the city that never sleeps to attend Fashion Week. In other words, she's probably not sporting sneakers — or stretch pants — or anything that allows her to bend over to pick something up.

In light of this, we can only assume Mrs. Beckham has figured out a way to defy the laws of gravity if she is, indeed, biking to and from her studio and designer shows in her more "dressed up" styles. And while we still honestly can't picture Posh peddling by on a two-speed, we're having a lot of fun trying.

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