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Two Days Later Paris Jackson Appears to Be Doing Better, ‘Smiling Again’

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Paris Jackson in better times. The teen is reportedly doing better now (WireImage)

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Prince Michael and Remi Alfalah go to Barney's New York Thursday (VLUV/Splash News)

Paris Jackson is reportedly doing better, following her failed suicide attempt on Wednesday.

While the teen is still being held at a Los Angeles hospital under a 72-hour 5150 psychiatric hold, according to People, as of Friday she's doing better, and continues to be visited by family members, including aunt La Toya Jackson, grandmother Katherine Jackson, brother Prince Michael Jackson, birth mother Debbie Rowe, and former nanny Grace Rwaramba.

"Paris is doing well, smiling again and can't wait to see her friends," a family source tells the magazine.

Omg! spoke with a neighborhood source on Thursday, who wondered who in the family is ultimately in charge of making sure Paris is OK. "She seemed to be alone a lot," the source points out. "Many wondered who was looking out for her. It's all very sad. She's a sweet girl."

A different source, someone close to the family, reiterates this sentiment, telling omg! "Even though Paris has a number of people she can turn to, she feels very alone. She doesn't have that 'one' person."

And that's just one aspect of the teen's problems. The second source adds, "Paris was bullied. She had a hard time fitting in. She didn't make a lot of effort with other kids, but they didn't either. Her father's death affected her greatly." The source adds that the trial of the Jackson estate against AEG Live, "is basically opening old wounds."

Additional Paris Jackson updates keep trickling in from various other media outlets. Apparently, someone attempted to SWAT (report a false incident to police, so they will discharge a SWAT team) the Jackson compound on Thursday. The Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department tells "omg! Insider" that officers responded to a call at the Jackson home in the Calabasas neighborhood of L.A. where they live, but upon investigation determined it was a prank call. No action was taken, everything was fine, and there was nothing going on.

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The Jackson compound in Calabasas, California (Splash News)

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La Toya Jackson visits Paris on Thursday (Splash News)

Radar Online reports that Prince Michael has become more present in his role as big brother. Although the siblings had been drifting apart, in part because Paris has been spending more time with Rowe, "all of that changed after Paris’ suicide attempt. Prince stepped up, as he always does and told Paris how much he loves her in a phone call and vowed to help her in the aftermath of the suicide attempt.”

Showbiz 411's Roger Friedman (disclaimer: Friedman has reported previously for omg!) claimed Thursday that Paris asked for emancipation from her family before her suicide attempt. Thus far, however, no other media outlet has reported this news.

The New York Post reports that child-welfare investigators were shocked when they visited the Jackson compound following Paris's suicide attempt and found out that her assigned guardian was nowhere to be found. The 34-year-old reportedly moved 76 miles away a few months ago to the town of Corona, California.

And if this entire situation wasn't bizarre enough, late Thursday, Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who was found guilty in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter in the King of Pop's 2009 death, left a long and rambling voicemail for Paris (sent via a prison pay phone and obtained by TMZ), in which he quoted one of Michael’s songs and told her "I'm here for you." Adding, "Paris, I, too, love you as a precious father loves his own child and I always will."

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Later on, he justified the voicemail, saying, "I care deeply about her … And I always have and always will. She will continue to be in my prayers."

Late Thursday, Rowe posted a desperate message on her Facebook page, begging for privacy from the paparazzi. "So it's not ENOUGH that my family needs its privacy right now," she wrote. "For all the paparazzi in front if my ranch my foal is still alive and struggling to do so not that you care you want to see the aftermath of devastation you won't And as for everyone else that is posing as me or my daughter shame on you you are pathetic. And for those of you that sit like vultures in preparation to continue to attack my children anyway you can go to hell for they are already more than you will EVER hope tone."

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Debbie Rowe visits Paris Jackson on Thursday (Splash News)

The Daily Beast published a story about Paris's upcoming first movie, which may shed further light on some of the teen's angst. According to the article, Paris was set to play the lead in "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys," an environmental-themed "Avatar-ish" Young Adult book adaptation (part of a planned five-movie franchise) about a marine biologist, his daughter, and his partner (who happens to be a dolphin). However, her casting left the Jackson family divided.

Her part in the film was announced in 2011, but it reportedly led to friction amongst some members of the Jackson family, who were concerned it didn't honor Michael's wishes to keep his children out of show business until they turned 18. Somehow, talk show host Larry King was involved in helping to convince Katherine Jackson to allow Paris to take on the role.

Paris went through a reported 45 days of auditioning, and extensive acting classes to prep for the role. According to the film's producers, Paris is still attached to the project. Her image has even already been added to printings of the book cover.

Finally, in the most far-out-there news surrounding this story, rocker Marilyn Manson dedicated a song titled "Disposable Teen" to Paris on Thursday night, Entertainment Tonight reports. The song is reportedly about a teen that's angry at the world. Late Wednesday, Entertainment Tonight reported that Paris herself was angry - over not being allowed to attend Manson's concert.

(with additional reporting by Taryn Ryder)

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