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David Arquette (Tiffany Rose/WireImage)

No one would mistake David Arquette for Ryan Gosling.

The "Scream" star, 42, is adorable and funny, but he's not the type of guy whose dreamy shirtless photos inspire an Internet meme.

However, we now know that he did once make a play — a rather ill-fated one — to romance Gosling's girl Eva Mendes, because he said it on Howard Stern's SiriusXM Radio show on Wednesday. It's almost certainly true, too, because we also know that Arquette is compelled to spill his secrets, even if they're embarrassing, anytime that Stern is involved. (See his 2010 talk about his sex life with then-wife Courteney Cox and last month's confession that he is drinking again.)

This go round, when Arquette stopped by Stern to promote his new Sundance Channel show "Dream School," he confessed that some time after his split with Cox, he asked someone to pass on Mendes's phone number.

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What happened as a result, he said, was "really brutal." He didn't reveal her name at first, but eventually Stern got it out of him.

"I got a number of this girl I always thought was hot and I called her up and I left a message. I was like 'Hey, it's David, and I'd really like to take you out to dinner some time,'" Arquette dished, dropping his voice to a sexy whisper. "She called me back and she was like 'Listen, you left a message on my ex-boyfriend's phone."

Oops! Not surprisingly, Arquette didn't have a chance after that.

However, he was slightly more successful with … Stern's sidekick Robin Quivers! Arquette and Quivers good-naturedly teased each other about the time they sort of made out after going out to a tattoo parlor together in 2010. Too bad for Arquette that Quivers shot him down when he suggested that they take their flirtation elsewhere.

As for his ex-wife, Arquette explained that he still loves Cox and that the two continue to get along as they co-parent their 7-year-old daughter Coco. He even keeps in touch with her pal Jennifer Aniston! Though the former "Friend" sent him a text for his birthday on September 2, he doesn't expect to swing an invite to her wedding.

In the unlikely event that he does, we're sure he'll talk all about it on Stern's show.

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