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Sylvester Stallone Surrounded By Beautiful Women in Saint-Tropez: His Family!

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Rocky is back at it, and he's surrounded by knockouts! But this time, the knockouts are gorgeous girls! The 67-year-old was spotted grinning proudly as he strutted down the streets of Saint-Tropez with a bevy of beautiful women — and as it turns out, they're all in the family!

Sly vacationed with his 44-year-old wife, Jennifer Flavin, and their three daughters over the weekend, and the girls were turning heads all over the South of France! His leading ladies — 16-year-old Sophia Rose, 15-year-old Sistine Rose, and 11-year-old Scarlet Rose seem to have acquired their mama’s good genes! In fact, with their long, flowing brown locks, they are their mother’s spitting image!

Check out the vid to see Sylvester’s gorgeous gang of gals!

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