‘Suburgatory’ Star Jane Levy Files for Divorce Following Secret Marriage

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Jane Levy on April 16, 2013 in London, England (Fred Duval/FilmMagic)

Jane Levy, who plays wisecracking teen Tessa Altman on the ABC sitcom "Suburgatory," filed for divorce on April 16 from actor Jaime Freitas.

Didn't know she was married? Yeah, neither did we.

Court documents show that the marriage lasted only seven months. The two married in March 3, 2011 and separated on October 31, 2011 (guessing they had a bad Halloween?). but Levy didn't formally file for divorce until a few weeks ago. They are reportedly still friendly, although in her filing, citing irreconcilable differences, Levy states that she doesn't want to pay spousal support. TMZ was the first to report the divorce news.

Levy, 23, is also well-known for her starring role in the remake of "Evil Dead," which just hit theaters in April 2013. She first turned heads with a five-episode arc on Showtime's "Shameless." There's not much out there about Freitas, other than that he's been in quite a few foreign films, at least, according to his IMDb profile.

There's very little public indication that Levy and Freitas were even a couple -- no big red carpet appearances or party photos. The one exception is a bizarre music video that they made for the David Lynch song "I Know." The surreal video depicts the two engaged in some sort of courting ritual at a cabin by a lake. It's definitely … artistic.

Secret marriages revealed only at the time of divorce are nothing new for the celebrity set. In September 2009, Emmy Rossum (also of "Shameless") made headlines also at age 23 when she announced her divorce from music executive Justin Siegel following a year and a half of marriage.

And secret marriages seem to be even more popular in the music world. Janet Jackson was married to René Elizondo Jr. for nine years before the media learned about it through their May 2000 divorce filing. Late R&B singer Aaliyah was reportedly married to R.Kelly in 1994 (when she was just 15), with the marriage reportedly annulled one year later. Although both parties denied it, Vibe magazine procured a marriage certification, which listed Aaliyah as age 18. Also, Bob Dylan married backup singer Carolyn Dennis in June 1986. They had a daughter together before quietly divorcing six years later.


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