#SparrowFace vs. #StarbucksDrakeHands: It’s a Celeb Meme-Off!

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It wouldn't be a normal week in America if there wasn't at least one good Internet meme for celebs to glom onto.

And this week, we've had two!

"Sparrow Face" and "Starbucks Drake Hands" battled it out online for most popular random trend for stars to put their own spin on. While both trends have been around a bit longer than a week, the past seven days we watched (and laughed) as both seemed to pick up steam.

So, we wanted to decide definitively, which one is winning?

#StarbucksDrakeHands, for those who haven't clicked online or watched a morning show recently, began when a model in Los Angeles named Piper Kennedy gave her phone number to Starbucks barista Brody Curtis. In an effort to woo her (we think), he sent her a ridiculous short video in which he caresses his own face set to Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home." Her friend DJ Ben Roc then uploaded it to Instagram, everyone started creating their own imitation videos, and the rest was Internet history.

Yeah, it makes no sense, but neither does this, or this.

Since then, everyone from Aaron Paul to Rainn Wilson has gotten in on the action, often evolving the meme with their own unique twist. Below are a few of our favorites.

Larry King's might be the best of them all:

Derek Hough's had us laughing out loud:

Here's DJ Steve Aoki (who's known for throwing cakes in people's faces):

And check out Walter White (Bryan Cranston's character from "Breaking Bad"):

Bryan Greenberg's is pretty sexy:

Even "omg! Insider" correspondent Keltie Knight got in on the action. And after she sent Brody hers, the master himself sent her one back. (Curtis had taken over the What's Trending @wtlive Instagram account for the day.)

OK, now that you've gotten the gist of it, on to #SparrowFace. Originating in Japan, and borrowing heavily from the celebs who hopped on the #DuckLips bandwagon, #SparrowFace is the art of taking a selfie while presenting a hungry bird-like stare. Wide eyes and a pouty mouth are staples of the look. There's a thin line between #DuckLips and #SparrowFace, but the keen meme-spotter can always identify the differences!

Among our favorite candidates:

Kendall Jenner:

Lindsay Lohan:

And Cara Delevingne:

So, which meme do you like the most? We're partial towards #StarbucksDrakeHands because you can just be a lot more creative with video. But we're not ruling out the cheek-pinching adorableness of #SparrowFace for a comeback in the coming weeks.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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