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Remember That Time Jason Biggs's Dog Had a Bark Mitzvah?

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File this under "Things You Don't See Every Day." If you're not following Jason Biggs's wife, Jenny Mollen. on Twitter and Instagram, you should be — because she's hilarious. And on Thursday, she documented their dog Teets's bark mitzvah.

Yes, you read that correctly. Their dog Teets turned 13, and so they threw him a doggie bar mitzvah.

It's pretty much the most amazing thing we've witnessed all week... and Justin Bieber's been arrested twice.

For those not familiar with Jewish tradition, when a Jewish boy or girl — or, in this case, a Jewish dog — turns 13 (or, in some sects, 12), they celebrate their indoctrination into adulthood with a bar or bat mitzvah, which involves a public reading in Hebrew from the Torah.

"Guess who is 13 today!!!!??? #teets #mazeltov #barkmitzvah" she captioned one pic.

"Baruch atah adonai with the daddy. #teets #13andlovingit #barkmitzvah," read another.

Afterwards, Teets feasted on challah bread with his friends Gina and Harry.

Teets later got to go on a trip around the world (well, digitally, at least). Lucky dog!

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